The future.

The future. 

Forever coming soon or never. It all depends on my / your perspective. That + our courage to gracefully face our coming extinction.


It’s always sooner than you think but further than you believe.

I want to open a school one day. It will be called “A school of thought.” I imagine it kind of like a mix between hogwarts + Xavier’s school for mutants (X-men) where people like me (or people who wanna be) can have a place to explore their ideas outside of any pre-existing education systems with the intention to help all life in the universe.

I’m also developing a lifestyle brand called Art.

Write about Members of the board project.

I also really want to end all suffering. I know that sounds insane + I certainly haven’t ended it in my own life but that’s only because I can’t end it completely without ending everyone’s. As long as there is suffering, I also have to suffer. I’ve tasted it though. I’ve experienced what it feels like to live without suffering + it’s not something I’m able to describe exactly. But I know what it feels like + I want everyone to at least experience that before they die.